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Self Employment and Talent Utilisation (SETU) to be established

New Delhi : Government has announced the setting up of a Self- Employment and Talent Utilisation (SETU) mechanism. SETU will be a Techno-Financial, Incubation and Facilitation Programme to support all aspects of start up businesses, and other self-employment activities, particularly in technology-driven areas. An amount of Rs.1000 crore is being set up initially in NITI Aayog for SETU.

Presenting the Union Budget 2015-16, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said “we are now seeing a growing interest in start-ups. Experimenting in cutting edge technologies, creating value out of ideas and initiatives and converting them into scalable enterprises and businesses is at the core of our strategy for engaging our youth and for inclusive and sustainable growth of the country.” He said concerns such as a more liberal system of raising global capital, incubation facilities in our Centres of Excellence, funding for seed capital and growth, and ease of Doing Business etc need to be addressed to create lakh of jobs and hundreds of billion dollars in value. The Minister said, with this objective in mind, SETU is being set up.

Another initiative, the Atal Innovation Mission – AIM, will be an Innovation Promotion Platform involving academics, entrepreneurs and researchers and draw upon national and international experiences to foster a culture of innovation, R&D and scientific research in India. Shri Jaitley said that the platform will also promote a network of world-class innovation hubs and Grand Challenges for India. Initially a sum of Rs.150 crore wail be earmarked for this purpose.

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Highlights of Union Budget 2015-16

Highlights of the Budget are as under.
India set to be the fastest growing large economy in the world. Double digit growth seems feasible
Real GDP expected to accelerate to 7.4% during the current fiscal. Foreign Exchange reserves at $ 340 billion

Public Finance
Fiscal deficit target of 3% to be achieved over next three years, instead of two. 4.1 % target being met this year, despite tax buoyancy being lower. Roadmap to achieve Fiscal deficit of 3% of GDP in three years: Target is 3.9% in 2015-16, 3.5% in 2016-17, 3% in 2017-18.

Following 14th Finance Commission recommendations, states will get higher resources. 68% of total revenues will now be in the hands of states, ushering in an era of cooperative federalism.

Budget Estimates of Expenditure: 17 .77 lakh cr, of which Non Plan is 13.12 lakh cr, and Plan is 4.65 lakh crores

Direct Tax collection to be 14.49 lakh crore rupees

Taxation and Tax regime

GST to put in place state of art indirect tax system by April 1st 2016

Internationally competitive Direct Tax regime to be put in place, which will be stable and non-discriminatory.

Applicability of GAAR deferred by two years ; will only apply prospectively after Apr 2017

Basic rate of CorporateTax to be reduced from 30% to 25% in next 4 years;to be accompanied by reducing exemptions

Wealth Tax to be abolished; 2% surcharge on super-rich having income over Rs 1 crore. This will net an additional tax revenue of Rs 9,000 crores

Service Tax increased to 14%.

Custom duty on raw materials and intermediaries to be reduced

Clean energy cess increased from 100 to 200 Rupees per metric ton of coal to finance Green Energy Fund. Renewable energy target revised to 175,000 Mw.

Direct tax proposals will lead to loss of Rs.8,315 cr; Indirect proposal will yield Rs.23,383 cr;

Personal Finance

Govt. to introduce Gold Monetization Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bonds and Gold coins with Ashok Chakra

For contribution to National Pension Scheme, exemption raised from Rs 1,00,000 to Rs.1,50,000

Increase in limit of deduction of health insurance premium from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000; It will be Rs. 30,000 for senior citizens:

All contributions to Sukanya Samridhi scheme to be tax free.

Individual tax payer will benefit to the extent Rs.4,44,200/- from the exemptions announced


Agriculture & Rural Development
• Rs 5300 crores to be spent on micro-irrigation
• Target of 8.5 lakh crores credit to be given to farmers in 2015-16
• Rural Infrastructure Development Fund to be–25000 Crores
• Highest ever allocation for MGNREGA, by increasing it this year by 5,000 crore rupees

Industry & Infrastructure
• Focus on making India a manufacturing hub to ensure employment to our youth. Make In India to promote entrepreneurship by making our youth job creators than being job seekers.
• National Investment & Infrastructure Fund announced.
• PPP model to be revised and revitalized. Public investment to be stepped up to catalyze private investments.
• Increased Budgetary allocation to Roads & Railways; Tax-free infra bonds for Rail, Roads transport projects
• 5 Ultra Mega power projects, of 4000 MW announced
• Ports in public sector will be encouraged to corporatize & become companies under companies act
Banking & Finance
• Mudra Bank to be set up to refinance micro finance institution under PMs Mudra Scheme, with a corpus of Rs 20,000 crores. It will fund the unfunded entrepreneurs.
• Government. to do away with distinctions between FII and FDI and replace it with Composite Caps.
• Government to utilize vast postal network for increasing access to institutional banking in order to promote financial inclusion.

• Comprehensive new law to track black money to be framed. 10 years rigorous imprisonment proposed under the law.
• Benami transaction prohibition Bill to be introduced in this session
• Forward Markets Commission to be merged with SEBI to create a better integrated regulatory system.
• Govt. to bring a Comprehensive Bankruptcy code for the ease of doing business by 2015-16
• Govt. plans an expert committee for Drafting Legislation for Regulatory mechanism

Social Welfare
• Better targeting of subsidies is the need of the hour. Direct Benefit Transfer scheme to be scaled up many folds to ensure plugging of leakages.
• Government to launch PM Suraksha Bhima Yojana, offering coverage of 2 lakh rupees for just premium of Rs.12. PM Surakhsha Bhima Yojana to increase the access to insurance ; it will be linked with Jan Dhan Yojana.
• Senior citizens welfare fund to subsidise the premium for elderly people
• Nai Manzil – A new scheme for empowering minority youth announced.
• Under Swachch Bharat, 50 lakh toilets have already been built, 6 crore toilets targeted to be constructed.

• AIIMS to be set up in J&K, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Assam
• ISM Dhanabad will be upgraded to full IIT. Karnataka to get a new IIT.

• Visa –on-Arrival facility to be increased to 150 countries from the present 43, to promote tourism.

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लाचलुचपत प्रतिबंधक विभागाकडे आॅनलाईन तक्रारी नोंदविण्याचे नवीन मोबाईल अॅप सुरू

उस्मानाबाद : दि.२५.०२.२०१५ रोजी मा. मुख्यमंत्री,महाराष्ट राज्य यांच्या हस्रे लाचलुचपत प्रतिबंधक विभागाच्या नवीन मोबाईल अॅप्सचे उद्घाटन करण्यात आले आहे. भ्रष्टाचार विरूध्द मोहिमेत पब्लिक कन्सर्न फाॅर गव्हर्नन्स ट्रस्ट या स्वयंसेवी संस्थेने पुढाकार घेऊन बाॅम्बे कोडींगच्या मदतीने अॅन्टी करप्शन ब्युरोसाठी मोबाईल अॅप सुरू केले आहे. या मोबाईल अॅप्सद्वारे अॅन्टी करप्शन विभागाकडे तक्रारी नोंदविणे आणखी सोपे झाले आहे. आपण घरबसल्या मोबाईलद्वारे  या वेबसाईटवर तक्ररी नोंदवू शकता. हे अॅप्स मराठी व इंग्रजी या दोन्ही भाषेमध्ये उपलब्ध असल्याने ग्रामीण भागातील लोकांना देखील तक्रारी नोंदविणे आणखी सुलभ झाले आहे. आपण सदर वेबसाईटवर आपल्या तक्रारी सोबत व्हिडीओ आॅडीओ क्लिप्स, कागदपत्रांचे फोटो देखील आॅनलाईन जोडून पाठवु शकता येणार आहे. सदर वेबसाईटवर तक्रारदाराचे नाव, मोबाईल नंबर, कोणाविरूध्द तक्रार करावयाची माहीती, कोणत्या विभागाची तक्रार आहे. किती पैसे मागितले आहे आदी माहीती  आॅनलाईन भरल्यानंतर तक्रारदाराच्या मोबाईलवर एक कोडनंबर मिळणार आहे. सदर कोडनंबर वरून तक्रार दाखल करणा-या व्यक्तीला तक्रार पडताऴणीची सुविधा उपलब्ध करून देण्यात आली आहे. अॅन्टी करप्शन ब्युरो, उस्मानाबाद तर्फे नागरिकांना आवाहन करण्यात येते की, कोणताही शासकीय अधिकारी कर्मचारी किंवा त्यांच्या वतीने कोणी खाजगी इसम लाचेची मागणी करीत असतील तर कपया अॅन्टी करप्शन ब्युरो, उस्मानाबाद कार्यालयाशी संपर्क साधावा. तसेच कार्यालयीन वेळेनंतर किंवा सुट्टीच्या दिवशी अॅन्टी करप्शन ब्युरो,  कार्याप्रणालीबाबत वा तक्रार देणेबाबत माहीती पाहिजे असल्यास खालील मोबाईल, दूरध्वनीवर व टोल फ्री क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधावा असे जाहीर आवाहन पोलीस उप अधीक्षक  अॅन्टी करप्शन ब्युरो, उस्मानाबाद यांनी केले आहे. मोबाईल क्रमांक 8275306860 9823730301 टोल फ्री क्र 1064   दूरध्वनी क्र 02472-222879


त्यामुळे भारतीय विद्यापीठे पिछाडीवर – डॉ. विजय भटकर : “कंप्युटिंग कम्युनिकेशन’ आंतरराष्ट्रीय परिषद

पिंपरी : शिक्षणासाठी अपुरा निधी आणि शिक्षणाची रचना, शासकीय निर्बंध यामुळे जागतिक स्तरावर भारतीय विद्यापीठे DSC_1741चमकत नाहीत, अशी खंत ज्येष्ठ संगणक तज्ञ डॉ. विजय भटकर यांनी व्यक्‍त केली.
पिंपरी-चिंचवड अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालयाच्या वतीने आयोजित केलेल्या “कंप्युटिंग कम्युनिकेशन, कंट्रोल ऍण्ड ऑटोमेशन’ विषयावर दोन दिवसीय आंतरराष्ट्रीय परिषदेच्या उदघाटप्रसंगी ते बोलत होते.
यावेळी डिफेन्स रिसर्च डेव्हलपमेंट ऑर्गनायझेशनचे (डीआरडीओ) कुलगुरु तथा इस्त्रोचे संशोधक डॉ. सुरेंद्र पाल, संशोधक प्रमोदकुमार मेहेर, संशोधक जी. एस. मनी, पिंपरी-चिंचवड एज्युकेशन ट्रस्टचे अध्यक्ष ज्ञानेश्‍वर लांडगे, सचिव व्ही. एस. काळभोर, विश्‍वस्त भाईजान काझी, कार्यकारी संचालक प्रा. गिरीश देसाई, प्राचार्य डॉ. अ. म. फुलंबरकर, आयोजक डॉ. एस. यू. भंडारी आदी उपस्थित होते.

डॉ. पाल म्हणाले की, भारताने जागतिक मिसाईल क्षेत्रात मोठे प्राबल्य मिळविले आहे. संरक्षण क्षेत्रात पुढे नवीन अभियंत्यांना खूप मोठी मागणी असणार आहे.
कार्यक्रमाचे सूत्रसंचालन अंजली श्रीवास्तव व मीरा नटराजन यांनी केले. तर प्रा. नरेंद्र नेवरे यांनी आभार मानले.

डॉ. भटकर म्हणाले की, परकीय विद्यापीठाचे 3 ते 4 अब्ज डॉलर बजेट असते. त्या तुलनेत आपल्या विद्यापीठांचे एक टक्‍कादेखील बजेट नसते. अशा खडतर स्थितीत भारतीय विद्यापीठे चांगले काम करत आहेत. आज भारत सर्वाधिक वैज्ञानिक व अभियंत्यांचा देश म्हणून नावारूपाला येत आहे. ही जमेची बाजू आहे. पण, युवा अभियंते व वैज्ञानिकांना आधुनिकांमध्ये ज्ञान रुजवण्याची गरज आहे. सुपर संगणक विकसित करण्यासाठी कंप्युटिंग कम्युनिकेशन, कंट्रोल गरजेचे आहे. यासाठी संशोधनात्मक संस्कृती निर्माण व्हावी, या संशोधन संस्कृतीत शिक्षक आणि विद्यार्थ्यांची आवश्‍यकता आहे. त्याशिवाय विकास शक्‍य नाही.

National Science Day 2015

New Delhi : “Science for Nation Building” will be theme for the National Science Day to be celebrated tomorrow –the 28th February. This year’s theme has been chosen for the purpose of raising public appreciation on scientific issues for the development of nation.

The former Director of the Indian Institute of Science Dr. P. Balaram will deliver the National Science Day lecture on the subject of – Science for Nation Building.

National Science Day (NSD) is celebrated every year on 28th February to mark the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’, for which a Nobel Prize winning research paper submitted by Sir C.V. Raman was accepted on that day.

National awards for the year 2014 for Science & Technology popularization will also be bestowed by the Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan at a function on Monday. Shri Y.S. Chowdary, Hon`ble Minister of State, for Science & Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences, will preside over the function.

Awards, for outstanding contributions in popularising science and technology among the children, students and general public are presented every year.

National Council for Science & Technology Communication (NCSTC) instituted national awards in 1987 to stimulate, encourage and recognize outstanding efforts in the area of science popularization and communication and promoting scientific temper. The awardees selected for 2014 are: Dr. P. S. Shankar, Gulbarga, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Goswami, Tezpur, Dr. S. Narendran, Thanjavur and M.M Publications Limited, Kottayam being the National Awardees for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Communication through Print Media including Books and Magazines. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan`s Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre, Pune, Dr. Shripal Rathi, Muzaffarnagar, Shri Abhijit Sarma Barua, Guwahati, Shri Parveen Singh, Jammu and Shri Prem Singh, Sangrur have won the National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Popularization among Children. Shri Anil Kumar Sharma, Ludhiana has won National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Communication through Innovative and Traditional methods.

Shri Sarasvatichandra Acharya, Ahmedabad and Dr. A. Subbiah Pandi, Chennai are the National Awardees for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Communication in the Electronic Medium. All these awards consist of an award amount of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh), a memento and a citation.

NCSTC acts as a nodal agency to support, catalyze and coordinate celebration of the National Science Day in scientific institutions and research laboratories throughout the country and also supports various programmes by the State Science &Technology Councils & Departments for organizing lectures, quizzes, open houses, etc.


Online Agri Platforms for Sale of Agri Produce

New Delhi : Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC) has approved a Central Sector Scheme on ‘Promotion of National Agricultural Market through Agri-Tech Infrastructure Fund (ATIF) for Rs.200 crores to be implemented during 2014-15 to 2016-17. The scheme aims to create an appropriate e-market platform that would be deployable in wholesale regulated markets across States and Union Territories (UTs). The platform will enable development of an alternative marketing channel, enhance transparency in auction process and number of buyers, resolve information asymmetry, improve market access by integrating warehouse based sales and will facilitate migration towards a barrier free National Market. The scheme, would facilitate setting up of a competitive and transparent system, reduce the role of middlemen and unfair trade practices in the marketing of agricultural produce and thereby enable farmers to get better prices for their produce. Guidelines are yet to be formulated.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Agriculture Sh.Mohanbhai Kundaria in Rajya Sabha today.


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